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Pick the right listing agent

It’s a fact that your real estate agent largely influences how quickly your home sells, the price you get for it, and how smoothly the entire experience is for you. This is why you should list your home with me.

We will begin the process with a personal consultation with you. At this meeting, I will help you to understand how I work with clients and give you an accurate market evaluation of your home so you have a reasonable concept of what your home is worth,  how long it might remain on the market until it sells.

This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you have about the process and me. If for any reason you believe that you and I are not a good fit, I will exit and leave you to interview other realtors. You are certainly not obligated to work with me.

I would like you to know more about what you can anticipate if you do choose me for your real estate agent:

  • I am caring, and have great empathy towards your needs. This builds the foundation of our relationship.
  • You can call on me or find me on chat any time. I am always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • I am thoroughly experienced in staging your home for the added enthusiasm of your visitors. Worked as both listing and selling agent, I will also offer you invaluable tips to make sure both the inside and the outside of your home reflect the latest design trends to entice buyers.
  • I suggest a price as high as the market will bear without turning any interested parties away. This will be based on comparative sales and my expertise in selling similar homes.
  • I will design a marketing strategy for your property that will attract qualified buyers and get your home sold as soon as possible for the highest price possible.
  • We will work together to determine a schedule for showings and open houses. We will have clear communication ahead of time.
  • I am a skillful negotiator, so when those offers come in, I will make absolutely certain you get the best price available.
  • There are a myriad of minute details that come with any real estate dealing – details you don’t even need to be aware of because I am here to efficiently and effectively handle all of them for you.
  • I smooth the way to make the sale of your home a quick and pleasant transaction for you, your family and everyone involved. I am with you from the first consultation to the closing of the sale to make sure you are comfortable and understand each step along the way.

You want a quick sale for the best price without spending much of your precious time and effort getting there. This is what I do for my clients every day and have been doing so successfully for many years.

For more information on what I can do for you, please call or email me to schedule a personal consultation.


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